The fundamental purpose of AT technology is the integrated conversion of a diversity of feedstocks into first and second generation biodiesel with maximum yield and the highest possible product quality. As a result of governmental promotion policies, including the double counting of waste-based biofuels, GHG (Greenhouse Gas) -related biofuel quotas, and the currently proposed cap of 5% or 6% on biofuels from biomass crops, the demand for used cooking fats and oils as a feedstock for biofuel production has grown, and the GHG abatement potential of a biofuel has become the decisive factor that determines its market value.

In an ever faster changing regulatory environment biodiesel manufacturers around the world are having to maintain a high degree of flexibility and be quick to adapt. This is why we provide our customers with production processes that are capable of converting most oil- and fat-based feedstocks into their respective methyl esters (MULTI-FEEDSTOCK) without FFA limitation, with the highest possible yield and maximum production efficiency.


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