AT’s service portfolio ranges from technology consulting to the preparation of classical engineering studies (basic and detail engineering), delivery of technical equipment and mechanical and electrical installation work including programming and process control. In its dual role as process supplier and plant manufacturer AT provides custom-tailored technology solutions and equipment for the vegetable oil industry (ranging from oilseed preparation to extraction), as well as the oleochemical industry (biodiesel, fatty acids, pharmaceutical glycerol, glyceride products). We offer our support in the development of applications for the production of, for example, special esters and glyceride products, as well as for the extraction of valuable vegetable-oil-derived components such as tocopherols, squalenes etc. Another of AT’s business fields is retrofitting of existing biodiesel and glycerol production facilities. This includes optimization for high-FFA or MULTI-FEEDSTOCK operation, energy efficiency or performance, regardless of the processing method (K- or Na-catalyzed) used.

Feasability Studies

We support our customers in:

  • Conceptualization and description of project ideas (e.g. comparative study of different methods such as esterification vs. glycerolysis) including laboratory trials and analytics

  • Preparing profitability analyses and rough cost estimates (including use of alternative feedstock materials, comparison of different catalysts)

  • Evaluating project ideas in terms of licensing requirements and environmental relevance (greenhouse gas performance)

Plant Construction

Design, planning and delivery of oleochemical production facilities:

  • Oilseed pressing and extraction plants

  • Refining (degumming & neutralization) plants

  • Multi-feedstock biodiesel plants

  • Pharmaceutical glycerol distillation plants

  • Biodiesel distillation and fractionation plants

  • Re-esterification (Glycerolysis)

  • Squalene concentration

  • Squalene hydrogenation

  • Plants for the removal of sterol glycosides (SG) from biodiesel

  • Plants for catalytic esterification of fatty acids


Process optimization of existing plants with respect to:

  • Efficiency improvement of utilities, e.g. in terms of electrical energy or catalyst or methanol etc.

  • Yield maximization through process optimization (potassium and sodium catalyzed processes)

  • Improvement in feedstock flexibility (e.g. supplementary use of animal fats, used cooking oil (UCO), trap grease with up to 100% FFA

  • Conversion from homogeneous to heterogeneous catalysis

  • Capacity expansion of biodiesel and glycerol plants (e.g. from 100k to 250k) in existing production buildings or involving building extension.

AT performs optimization services not only for plants of its own customers but also for those delivered by competitors – guarantees included. On request AT also takes care of the procurement and delivery of technical equipment and components, supervision of assembly, commissioning and the training of the customer’s staff.

We look forward to supporting you with our individual advisory services.


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